Model 5 Troubleshooting

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Symptom Problem Solution
My motorcaddie runs on fast speed only. 1. The speed potentiometer in your handle needs to be replaced.
2. Your control board needs to be replaced.
Return to Kangaroo for repair.
My motorcaddie has suddenly lost the AutoBrake function. The control board underneath the chassis is not working. 1. Replace the control board.
2. Return to Kangaroo for repair.
My motorcaddie isn’t keeping a straight line. The front wheel is out of alignment. 1. Hold the front wheel and loosen the screw on the right side and move the wheel (very slightly) in the opposite direction than it was tracking.DO NOT LOOSEN BOTH SCREWS! You may need to do this procedure several times in order to fix the alignment.
2. Re-adjust the contents of your bag for better balance.
My motor is running, but the wheels aren’t turning. 1. Gears in the gearbox may be broken or cracked.
2. The axle pin is missing or sheared.
3. A roll pin inside the gearbox has been sheared, loosened, or the motor pinion gear may be worn.
1. Return to Kangaroo for repair.
2. Replace the axle pin.
3. Return your chassis to Kangaroo for repairs.
Rear wheel won’t stay attached regardless of which side of the caddie it is on. 1. Wheel clip is worn or one of the four wheel plate screws or star washers may be missing.
2. Bushing isn't seated into the hole completely.
1. Replace wheel clip, wheel plate screw, or star washer.
2. Take a hammer and screwdriver and lightly tap the bushing back down to ensure it is seated in the whole as far down as it will go.
Rear Wheel falls off. Swapping wheels does not help. The wheel still falls off on same side of motorcaddie no matter which wheel is mounted. 1. One of the three snap rings is worn or missing.
2. Wheel clip isn't seated correctly or spring isn't in the proper place.
1. Replace snap ring, wheel clip, or reposition spring.
2. Return for Kangaroo for repair.
My Upper Bag Support keeps falling down. 1. Yoke-stop is broken.
2. Screw is broken or loose.
1. Order a new yoke-stop.
2. Remove broken screw and replace it or purchase new yoke.
My motorcaddie dies gradually as the round of golf progressed. Battery is not fully charged or needs to be replaced. Order a new battery.
My battery seems okay, but the motorcaddie was a little sluggish in the beginning of play then died during my round of golf. Battery needs to be replaced. Order a new battery.
My motorcaddie just stop all of a sudden during the round of golf. 1. A battery clip wire is broken.
2. Control board could hae died.
Send to Kangaroo for repair.
My motorcaddie stops and starts intermittently! 1. The control wire and receptacle on the chassis is covered in debris or are wet. 1. Use canned air to blow out the handle plug and the control receptacle.
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