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How heavy is the Kangaroo?

A lot lighter than it looks! Built for long-term durability, no expense has been spared to make every component rugged and strong, but light-weight as possible. For example, the tires are integral-skin polyurethane foam, much lighter than rubber, yet resistant to ultraviolet sun rays that degrade rubber. Kangaroo’s super-strong chassis looks heavy, but it’s remarkably light weight too. Stainless steel tubes are thick gauge, yet hollow. The heaviest piece you’ll lift into your car is the chassis with wheels, which weighs only 13 kg (28 lbs). A typical golf bag with clubs weighs more than that. If you can lift your golf bag into your car’s trunk, you’ll have no trouble lifting the chassis.

Do Kangaroo models have reverse gear?

No. Reverse gear adds cost and complexity for a feature that would rarely, if ever be used on the golf course. Over the years Kangaroo has learned through field testing and actual use that reverse, while technically feasible, is needless.

I see that Kangaroos can only be purchased from the factory rather than a dealer. Why?

A Kangaroo motorcaddie is not a purchase, but an investment. We want walking golfers to feel comfortable with who we are. "Dealers" are interested in making a sale. Kangaroo is interested in developing long-term relationships. Kangaroo's generous 30-day no questions asked moneyback guarantee gives buyers the option to try their Kangaroos out on the golf course. If our product does not meet your expectations, or just isn't right for you, we'll gladly take it back.

Are Kangaroo models designed to follow you?

Kangaroo models are designed and intended to travel ahead of the golfer. Follow me carts are impractical and have never been commercially viable.

Other than color, the Hillcrest Max and the Hillcrest ABX, appear to be similar. Are there any differences between these two models?

Both models perform the same, are equipped the same, and are priced the same. The only difference is color and graphics. For details, click here.

I play on an unusually hilly course. Can a Kangaroo handle my “billy goat” course?

Of course! Our flagship model is the Hillcrest, named so because of its exceptional hill-climbing ability. Kangaroo's X-Series Hillcrest models come standard with the Slope Wheel, which prevents tip over when ascending steep slopes. If you can walk it, the Hillcrest can climb it.

I notice that the tires on Kangaroo models do not have tread patterns. Wouldn’t a treaded tire grip better on slopes?

First, a little tire basics. The purpose of tread on tires is to move rainwater away, allowing the rest of the tire to grip the pavement. Second, the properties of the tire themselves, not tread design, determine how the tires grip. Field testing and actual use by Kangaroo owners over many years has confirmed that our integral-skinned polyurethane tire material grips very well on wet grass on slopes. Kangaroo tires are “spongy”, not hard, when pressed. Their clean design, with no tread, minimizes pick-up of mud, grass clippings, leaves, and other debris.

Kangaroos cost more than other motorcaddie brands. Can you explain this?

Unlike less expensive brands, Kangaroo models are made in North Carolina with the best materials, all sourced from manufacturers in North America. All new Kangaroos are built to last. Many Kangaroos are still being used 10, 15, and even 20 years after they were purchased.

Kangaroos are designed by golfers for golfers. They have been tested and proven on some of the most demanding courses in North America. Kangaroo models are sold directly by the factory, so if you have questions or problems, you will be talking directly to the manufacturer.

What happens when I need a repair?

If you have a technical problem, or even suspect a technical problem, first visit our support page. If the problem persists, e-mail or phone our customer service department describing in detail what you have observed. Our service advisors will provide guidance. It is exceedingly rare that an entire Kangaroo motorcaddie needs to be returned to the factory. In some instances, the repairs can be done at home. Click here to find an authorized repair center in Canada.

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