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Why choose Kangaroo?

Reasons why smart golfers choose Kangaroo:

Dismantles, instead of fold-up

     A fold-up motorcaddie sounds like a good idea, but it isn't. Logically, you have to lift the entire fold-up caddie at once. Kangaroo's 3-pieces design lets you dismantle your caddie in a jiffy into compact pieces which fit better in your vehicle for transport. Unfolding a fold-up, and installing the battery, realistically takes no less time than getting your Kangaroo ready (if you don't keep it assembled at your course).
     Plus, Kangaroo's design enables more solid engineering of the components. When the three pieces (handle, chassis, front-wheel) are assembled with the 2 simple draw-latches, and locked securely, your entire Kangaroo caddie has a unitized feeling you just don't get with a fold-up. Try both and see!

Storing and Transporting your Kangaroo

     Because the Kangaroo motorcaddie dismantles so easily, our design makes transport more flexible. Unlike folding electric trolleys, the Kangaroo pieces fit better in the trunk of a small car, inside a small plane, or alongside your luggage on a big trip. The shipping carton it comes in is more compact, and can be used for FedEx or UPS shipping to a destination such as your vacation home.
     At your residence or at the golf course, Kangaroo's clever CaddieStand stores the pieces in a tiny vertical space. No fold-up brand with equivalent features offers you such compact storage. Many golfers keep their batteries right in the battery tray, then hook it to the charger placed beneath the CaddieStand and plugged into the wall.
     You can go away for months, while Kangaroo's special-engineered electronic charger (not a conventional trickle-charger) will safely keep your battery fully charged indefinitely, without ever unplugging the charger. Our CaddieStand, pictured on the right, is especially useful if storage rooms at your golf course are cramped.

Engineered for reliability and durability

     Other brands brag about "features." Kangaroo focuses on true benefits that come from over 45 years of experience perfecting electric caddies for North American golfers. We spare no expense to manufacture the most reliable and durable motorcaddies on the market. We mold our own superior-grade tires in our factory, for example. We source materials from quality North American suppliers.
     Like with any other serious piece of equipment, you're more interested in performance than bells & whistles. So are we!

Long-term investment, resale value

     Frankly, most competitive models are worthless after a few years. They have little or no resale value, and can cost you a lot of money in repairs.
      The smarter idea is to look for a quality used or demonstrator Kangaroo, instead of a new competitive brand. Then when you can afford it, acquire a new Kangaroo!

Superior balance for hilly courses

     Because most motorcaddies are bought by golfers for hilly courses, how one operates on hills is extremely important. If you're new to this kind of product, don't assume they all perform well on hills. A poorly designed caddie will quickly tip back going up hills, especially when operated by a remote control, and dump your clubs. And when you traverse a hill, most competitors "dive down" the slope.
      Counter-intuitively, the extra weight of the Kangaroo is a positive for negotiating hills. Our models are "front-weighted" and the heavier your golf bag the better for playing on slopes! The balance characteristics of most competitor models, on the other hand, are worsened by heavy golf bags.
      Remote-control Kangaroo models, especially, demonstrate their superiority to other brands on hilly courses.

Better design than other brands

     Kangaroo's reputation comes about from understanding what's important to golfers. Then we engineer to intelligent purpose. Our remote control design, for example, works better because it's based on the sound engineering premise of the steered front wheel. Kangaroo's wheels and tires are unique, not off-the-shelf components. Our North American-made electronics are designed from scratch. Even the battery charger is custom-manufactured to maximize the performance and longevity of your battery.

Made in North Carolina, not in Asia

     Ask tough questions. Where exactly is your motorcaddie made? If it's not a Kangaroo it's probably manufactured somewhere in Asia, imported into North America by somebody who has to order parts from an Asian factory. So where does that leave you when the importer isn't around?

Your Kangaroo ships from Ottawa - saving you time and money

     Kangaroo is proud to partner with Ottawa Logistics for warehousing and fulfillment of orders. Ottawa Logistic's long list of clients include large and small Canadian and US corporations. The Canadian government is an important client. Ottawa Logistics is located at 1270 Leeds Avenue in Ottawa.

Experience and credibility of over 45 years

     Other brands come and go. Since Kangaroo was founded, at least 40 competitive brands have entered the American market. A great number of Kangaroo's satisfied owners today are golfers who first purchased some other brand.

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Dismantled Kangaroo
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